CBT Tours

In this section you will find different national as well as cross-country tours that will give visitors an excellent chance to get acquainted with the history, culture and nature of the Central Asian countries and along the Silk Road. Routes are market ready and can be further adapted according to the needs of the international travel trade and their guests.

Cross-country tours:

KAZ-KYR_Oriental Fairy Tale (15 days)

KYR-UZB_Nomads Camels and the Great Silk Road (15 days)

TAJ-KYR_Virgin culture untouched by the time (15 days)

UZB-KYR_Along the Silk Road to Kashgar (15 days)

UZB-TAJ_ Along the way of Alexander the Great (15 days)

UZB-TUR_To UNESCO World Heritage (15 days)



Tajikistan – The Pamirs (1 to 10 days)

Tajikistan – Zerafshan (0,5 to 7 days)