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The republic of Tajikistan, located in the heart of Asia, is currently developing its tourist infrastructure to make available to the international market its wealth of unspoilt natural beauty, its ancient history and the unrivalled hospitality of its people. Independent since the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991, Tajikistan is poor in natural resources but rich in tourist attractions: it offers extraordinary opportunities for adventure and eco-cultural tourism with untouched landscapes, archaeological treasures and attractive itineraries for walking and trekking with charming home-stays along the way. Tajikistan was marked by conflict in the immediate post-Soviet period but is today one of the most stable and secure countries in Central Asia.

Country profile

Capital: DushanbeMAP - Tajikistan
Population: 7,076,598 million
Area: 143,100 sq km (55,251 sq miles).
The official language: Tajik, Russian is widely used in business and government
Time zone: UTC + 5.
Religion: Ninety percent of the people are Muslim.

Tajikistan shares borders with the Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and China.
Tajikistan dominated by the Pamir and Alay mountain ranges, has many glaciers and snow fields. There are valleys and forests as well as desert areas. Lakes and wetlands are on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance: Karakul Lake, Kayrakum Reservoir, part of Pyandj River, Shorkul and Rangkul lakes and Zorkul Lake.

Tajikistan's mountainous terrain is ideally suited to the adventurous trekker, while the ancient Silk Road routes, incorporating some of the country's most stunning landscapes, offer a glimpse into a more prosperous era.

Travel associations

Tajik Association of Tourism Organisations (TATO)Tajikistan - TATO
TATO, established in 2007, is the national tourism business-association that provides its members with an opportunity of joint work, development of tourism business, creation of new jobs, and propagation of development of the tourism sector in the country. TATO is a not for profit, non political organization with a two-fold purpose: 1) to develop the tour operator and travel agencies sector in the Republic of Tajikistan to the highest standards in service, ethics, professionalism and sustainability and; 2. to provide a forum and voice to their members in dealing with government, ministries and all other organizations that have interests that relate to those of the association members. Following are the objectives of TATO:

• TO make representation on behalf of its Members to the government and any other relevant organization;
• To promote a wider understanding of the benefits of a sustainable travel and tourism sector and its potential as a substantial economic and social contributor to the growth and development of the Republic of Tajikistan;
• To develop and represent policies which no single company, association or region could be expected to advance on its own and provide advocacy support on key issues;
• To encourage an enabling environment and conditions, based on competitive and free market principles, that will allow tour operator businesses in the Republic of Tajikistan to be profitable and economically sustainable;
• To promote and facilitate the development and delivery of quality experiences for visitors to the Republic of Tajikistan;
• To uphold the business standards and ethics of members;
• To promote environmentally, culturally and socially responsible tourism business practices;
• To encourage and build good cooperation between the embers of the Association through providing networking activities which will promote understanding and goodwill among all stakeholders.

For more information and contact: tatotj@mail.ru

Tajik Community Based Tourism (TCBTA)Tajikistan - TCBTA
TCBTA - is a non-profit organization whose activities are aimed at developing community based tourism (CBT) in Tajikistan and in the Central Asia region. It was officially registered according to the Tajik law on June 6th, 2014. The purpose of the organization is to contribute to the institutional development of NGOs and associations of Tajikistan, which are aimed at creating a modern, favorable business environment in the field of community based tourism by :
• Improving the framework conditions for doing business in the field of community based tourism;
• Improving the legal and regulatory framework in the field of Business and community based tourism;
• Preparation of competent management and staff in the field of community based tourism;
• Establishing effective public-private dialogue;
• Change the perception of the state bodies in RT medium entrepreneurs;
• Cooperation and mutual consultations with Tajik public authorities and entrepreneurs.


For more information and contact:    https://www.facebook.com/tcbta/