Tajikistan Located in the region of Central Asia. Among other Central Asian countries, and it is rather different by an extensive system of mountain ranges, where about 93 percent of the territory is mountains.
The Republic of Tajikistan is one of the most attractive tourist destinations as in Central Asia either in the region. Over the past decade, an increasing number of tourists from the countries of the Former Soviet Union, Europe and Asia have been visiting Tajikistan. Tajiks are one of the ancient people with a rich Persian-Sogdian culture and thousands of years of history. Tajik language is the language of great poets such as Rudaki, Firdavsi and connoisseurs of Philosophy and exact Sciences like Ibn Sina and Beruni. There are a lot of attractions, ancient cities and excavations that attract ethnographers, historians and lovers of ancient civilizations. Finds on the ruins of ancient cities testify to the monuments of Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and the advent of the religion of Islam.

Tajikistan is truly a mountainous region where majestic mountains are concentrated with an average height of 4-5 to seven and a half thousand meters, for example, Ismoili Somoni peak (7495 m), Lenin peak (7134 m) and Korzhenevskaya peak (7105 m). Here are the mountain systems of the Pamirs, the Zeravshan and Gissar ranges, massive glaciers and alpine meadows. On these high mountains rough rivers flow and in deep gorges, stormless and deep lakes with the purest fresh water are located. Professional alpinists annually come to climb these mountains, and hiking lovers pass through beautiful nature. Many people make an adventurous multi-day bike and motorcycle trips along the famous Pamir Highway and other areas. In western Tajikistan, you will find unsurpassed beautiful lakes like Iskanderkul, Seven Pearls of the Fann Mountains, Marguzor Lakes.
Popular attractions that you can visit in Tajikistan are:

- The Pamir Mountains , which attract not only climbers, but also ordinary travelers. Visit Sarez Lake, formed in 1911 after a strong earthquake, where a huge blockage of stones blocked the path into the gorge, becoming a natural dam on the path of a mountain river. There are other alpine lakes of the Pamirs such as Karakul, Bulunkul.

- Enjoy the fresh mountain air while relaxing or swimming in the lakes of Iskanderkul and other lakes in the Fann Mountains.

- Improve your health at the mineral springs of Bibi-Fatima, Garm-Chashma, Shokhambari, Obi Garm and others.

- One-day visit to the “Tigrovaya Balka” (Forest of tigers) nature reserve, where unique vegetation and wild animals are presented, which are rarely found in other countries.

- Within one day, you can also visit the Nurek reservoir. A huge building, the creation of a human hand.
- But who wants to feel the spirit of antiquity, it is necessary to visit the excavation sites of the ancient cities of Ancient Penjikent, Sarazm, Hulbuk Fortress, Gissar Fortress where the guides will tell stories in different languages.

- A short experience of living in the Pamirian family in the house, where you will be treated with homemade dishes and where you can experience the simplicity of mountain life, will introduce you to the hospitable and cheerful Pamiris. Moreover, a little further in the east of the Pamirs is the high-mountainous Murghab district, which will tell about the life of the Pamirs and Kyrgyz in this inclement land.

- Also a visit to the Yaghnob Valley, located 4 hours from the capital, where ringing rivers flow, mountain forests and excellent views of the mountains give many pleasant impressions. The Yaghnobis themselves, living in isolation and relatively far from modern civilization, and there is no electricity and Internet. They have retained their unique way of life, including their ancient Sogdian language.

- A completely different rhythm with urban culture and modern life will open up before travelers in Dushanbe and Khujand. Different and very delicious cuisine will not leave you hungry and even the most capricious will find food by their wish, where both European and Asian cuisine is presented. Greasy delicious pilaf, manti, meat soups with spices, a huge selection of braziers, barbecues and summer diet dishes do not leave anyone indifferent. The fruit and vegetable selection abounds in variety and is available all year round.

Almost all Tajiks are very hospitable and sincere people, and they will be glad to see you in their homeland. Visitors to Tajikistan note the warmth of the local population as one of the brightest impressions. Both lovers of history, ethnography and adventures with connoisseurs of pure nature and even a passing passenger will appreciate the dignity of a mountainous country.

You can visit Tajikistan both by plane from a dozen air routes, by rail, and by land through the borders from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in particular.
Tourism in Tajikistan is constantly developing, and mountainous Tajikistan and its hospitable people will be glad to see you. Bon voyage!

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www.visitcentralasia.org was developed by the financial assistance of the European Commission under the Central Asia V Program